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Zinc is just two ingredients which is pure zinc and in pure water and through the electrolysis process. We infuse nano suspended particles of Zinc into the water. Zinc is an essential mineral that is required in your body for over 600 processes. Zinc is excellent for boosting the immune system helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, it may help with your thyroid functioning, it may help with reproductive health, wound healing, growth, taste, vision, and smell. Zinc also may help with keeping yourself healthy by disrupting transmission of unhealthy cells. Zinc is used to disrupt the transmission of viruses from a healthy cell to a healthy cell. Zinc is essential. We have helped three tribes with their COVID cases by using colloidal zinc which reduced infections and transmissions. The three tribes were the Mohawk, the Blackfeet, and The Cree. All the members that used these products are happy and healthy and with us today.

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