Blackfeet Health Process

Step One

Grow with premium genetics and traditional techniques:

At the heart of our business, you'll find a passion for growing high quality hemp with premium genetics. To do this we combine old-fashioned farming techniques and cutting edge science in order to maintain consistency from seedling all the way through harvest time - as well as providing customers pure whole plant full spectrum exttacts, free from any THC so they can reap all natural therapeutic benefits without risk.
Step Two

Harvest and cure by hand:

We have combined our cultivation expertise and superior genetic knowledge with a fresh cultural appeal that positions us as the most unique health brand.
Step Three

We Extract alkaloids, terpenes, diterpenoids, triterpenes and phytonutrients:

Grow with premium genetics and traditional techniques. Harvest by hand, then cure in small batches to extract alkaloids that are richly trapped within the plant’s compounds- phytonutrients so you can reap health benefits from this amazing ancient herb!

Formulate for desired results and always use 100% pure and natural products.