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Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is 2 ingredients, pure water and pure silver and through an electrolysis process and a set of frequencies, it pulsates, and we impregnate pure silver into pure water. The Silver is not an ionized silver water but rather a true Colloidal. These colloidal suspended nano particles, never settles in the water as it is always floating. These tiny particles allow it to enter all the cells of the body. Therefore, allowing the body to absorb this nutrient. It is not an antibiotic but acts very much like an antibiotic by destroying viruses, bacteria’s and other adversaries. It’s very easy to use, it could be used to treat ears, could be put safely and directly into the eyes for various infections. It can be applied topically

 to those suffering with neuropathy or gangrene.

 It may heal infections, cuts and scrapes very quickly. It is a great product and inexpensive.

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