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Case study for Lyme disease

A woman from Toronto, Ontario had Lyme disease for 9 years which was very harmful and stressful for her both, mentally and physically. She was bedridden and didn’t know what to do.

 She heard that there were treatments in India. Prior to going to India, she spoke to her doctor, and they warned her that she’s at risk of catching other diseases if she travels to India, she could potentially die.

Her nephew reached out to us and explained the entire situation. We started researching her sickness and found 3 different medicines that she could take. The first one was lion manes fungi with nerve growth factor. Lyme disease basically eats the myelin sheath and exposes your nerves which becomes exposed causing pain. In order to reduce her pain, we recommended: the anti-inflammatory 2500 Phytonutrient blend 0.5ml 3xs a day and Lions mane fungi tincture 0.5ml 3xs a day and Lions mane fungi creme. We rubbed this cream at the back of her neck and spine three times a day, the entire treatment was for 90 days. After 85 days, she called us stating that she was feeling completely healthy and started being active on daily basis by doing her errands and essentially giving her life back.

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